Emerald ® Designer Edition

Carefully selected and perfectly proportioned, this exclusive collection of 200 new hues, including brighter, purer whites and colors you won't find anywhere else.


Achieve a showstopping transformation with these brighter whites, just-right blues and greens, complex grays and beiges, and more muted tones of classic hues.

Discover Our Finest Hues

Each carefully crafted color palette offers an exquisite array of shades.

Exquisite Color & Coverage

The Emerald® Designer Edition™ palettes allow you to choose one or a few hues to add color anywhere in your home. Neutrals like Oatmilk SW 9501 and Cold Foam SW 9504 in a palette of natural colors bring organic beauty to your home. If your space calls for a pop of color, try Wild Poppy SW 9694 and Ripe Berry SW 9689 . Using Emerald® Designer Edition™ paint brings you long-lasting color that goes on in fewer coats with a beautiful, smooth finish.

Achieve a flawless finish with our best hide yet.

Emerald ® Designer Edition™ Interior Latex Paint